The Future of our world depends on you and the generation currently growing up.

Are you ready to help the future generation?

then… We will be happy to add your information about your social programs to our website!

Lily Andersen

Meet Lily Andersen
Social and charitable programs curator:

“My main goal is to stimulate businesses in order to enable them to help and assist talented students and applicants financially.

For these affluent businesses, it’s merely a drop in the ocean but for a struggling student, it’s a fortune.”

About Social Projects

SME’s and large corporations alike helping talented students side by side, is a popular practice.

You have a favorable opportunity to use this experience today.

As a rule, money is only made available to talented students who currently have a contract to study.

In order to define the categories of students, we have launched a competition in writing research articles, essays and other papers.

The best work will win the prize – payment for education.

Everybody wins in this situation:

Talented students will not have to pay for expensive education
Universities receive actual funds after sponsors decide which students win the prizes
Businesses raise awareness of their activities with the help of charitable projects
This enables governments to improve the investment climate

How does it work?

First of all, you need to set a budget.
Are you ready to invest in the education of talented young people?

Thereafter, choose topics that you would like to receive research papers about.
Select topics that will empower your kind of business activity.

Then create a page on your website with all the terms and conditions of your social program.

Fill in the form below to register your company data

Please note! Scholarship Events reserves the right to request additional information and documentation in order to confirm your business information.

Scholarship Events reserves the right to decline any application of placing of information without further notice.

Winners and Payments

We suggest that you select and appoint judges that have advanced practical experience in your niche.

All payments and pledges for prizes must go by electronic bank transfer, directly to the applicable university’s account.

Under no circumstances whatsoever, do Scholarship Events or any of our staff accept payments on behalf of universities.

The next step is to initiate and complete all the accepted terms and conditions of the competition in due course and on time and subsequently publish the ending date of the project on your website as well.

After closing date of competition, publish the details and information of the competition winners.


Social initiatives assist in the development and promotion of your business:

Your company will attract attention and highly-educated members of our society will start talking about your initiatives – alumni of universities alike.

Studies indicate that by supporting social programs, it drastically increases the trust the consumer has in your company and brand by 76%

Clients will be ready to pay more for your products and/or services

Let’s remember that not everything is weighed in money.

Empower talented students, improve your karma and rise above common problems.